Land East of Moor Lane, Tonge

Public Consultation

Welcome to the Consultation Website

Pegasus Group are preparing a planning application for land east of Moor Lane to convert the existing farmhouse on the site to two dwellings and erect an additional five dwellings including the conversion of the existing barn on site The proposals also include the change of use of the land to the east to paddocks with the erection of a stable block 

We are keen to involve local people in shaping the ideas for the development.  The proposals for the site can be viewed in the illustrative masterplan.  Any comments you may have about the proposals can be made at ‘Make Your Views Known ’. 

The Need for The Development 

  • The site was previously in use a number of years ago as a plant nursery, but has fallen into significant dereliction over the years. There are a number of glasshouse buildings and other storage buildings which have been left to fall into disrepair and the site is now significantly overgrown.  
  • The existing farmhouse has been vacant for a number of years and previous renovations have been insensitive for a building of some character.  
  • The site is now an eye-sore and a blight on the local landscape.  Part of the site falls within the Tonge Conversation Area and its current state of dis-repair is considered to be detrimental to the historic value of this area.   
  • Re-development of the site provides a significant benefit in clearing up and restoring a derelict site ensuring that the character and setting of the adjacent Conversation Area and surrounding area is preserved and enhanced. As well as providing 7 high quality family houses to meet the on-going need within North West Leicestershire. 
  • The existing farmhouse is proposed to be converted from a single dwelling to provide two, three bedroomed dwellings with new private garden space to the rear, private garages have been provided.  
  • Five dwellings arranged in the style of a courtyard to reflect a rural agricultural development are proposed around the existing farmhouse, with the existing barn converted.  Three 4 bedroomed dwellings and two three bedroomed dwellings are proposed. Each property will have a garage and private car parking as well as private garden space.  
  • It is proposed the dwellings will be of brick construction with stone accents to reflect the character of the existing Farmhouse and surrounding buildings on Moor Lane. 
  • The development will be accessed via a new access from Moor Lane to serve the Farmhouse and plots 1-4, with plot 5 served off the existing access.